Statcom Solutions Pty Ltd and Circuit Solutions Pty Ltd have purchased Surtek Pty Ltd

Advice from the liquidator of Surtek Pty Ltd, David Clout and Associates:

As you may be aware, prior to our appointment Surtek entered into a Business Sale Agreement ("BSA") with RESA Electrical Manufacturing Pty Ltd ("RESA") to transfer the business and assets of Surtek. Under the terms of that BSA, RESA were licensed to trade the business of Surtek from 2 October 2012. That BSA (including the licence to trade the business) was terminated. Following termination of the BSA, RESA ceased to have any rights in relation to the business and assets of Surtek.

We are pleased to announce that we have recently completed a number of transactions which have transferred the assets of Surtek to new owners who may be able to assist you in the future. Circuit Solutions Pty Ltd and Statcom Solutions Pty Ltd.

Statcom Technology

Over a number of years, Surtek developed and manufactured the Starsine product range which consisted of various Statcom power inverters ("STATCOM") and DCDC converters. The intellectual property underpinning the Statcom technology was to be assigned to RESA under the BSA. Following termination of the BSA:-

  • RESA (and its rebranded product Voltlogic) lost the rights granted by the BSA which allowed them to deal with, modify, or manufacture the Statcom technology developed by Surtek;
  • the intellectual property relating to the Statcom technology was offered to the market and ultimately sold and assigned to the best tenderer.

Statcom Solutions Pty Ltd was that successful tenderer and now solely holds the rights to develop and supply the Statcom technology and other Starsine products previously developed by Surtek. Should you wish to discuss the ongoing development and implementation of this technology please contact Statcom Solutions Pty Ltd by phone on 07 3852 6886 or by email at

Circuit Solutions

As well as developing and manufacturing power control solutions, Surtek provided electronics contract manufacturing and design services. Clients could provide designs to Surtek for the experienced team to manufacture using its unique pick and place and PCB assembly machinery, or request that Surtek's engineers design a solution to meet product requirements. Following termination of the BSA:-
  • again RESA lost the rights granted by the BSA which allowed them to carry on the business of Surtek, including the right to use the confidential client information held by Surtek for future orders; and
  • Surtek's assets utilised in this arm of the business (including PCB files, stencils, production files and associated designs) were transferred to Circuit Solutions Pty Ltd

Circuit Solutions Pty Ltd acquired the majority of the plant and equipment used in PCB production and a number of Surtek's former staff have taken up employment with the new owner. Should you wish to discuss production of PCBs previously ordered from Surtek or design and manufacture of new PCBs we suggest that you contact Richard Hurst of Circuit Solutions Pty Ltd by phone on 0409 949 468 or email at

For more information about Surtek Pty Ltd going into liquidation, view the official notice from David Cloutt and Associates.